My path with yoga teacher training began when I first became a teacher. I was living in rural Alberta and upon completion of my teacher training I returned home to a community where the local yoga teachers had either retired or moved from town.  My first few years as a teacher were spent without a mentor figuring everything out on my own.  When I found my mentor Michele Theoret of Empowered Yoga I found one of the paths of true purpose in my life. To support others as they discover their voice, their message.  To provide tools and techniques to be explored and shared throughout their lens.

I have facilitated both foundational and advanced teacher training programs.  To me part of being a teacher is being a constant student. Seeking out new methods viewpoints and modalities to integrate into training or programming is a priority.  I am always in the process of creating. If you would like more information or to register or collaborate on programs or teacher trainings please do so by emailing me at info@daniellemurrayyoga.com! If you would like to host me for a Inner Teacher Flow Training at your studio or in your area please contact me.


The Inner Flow Flow Training is rooted in the Vinyasa Yoga practice. To know where we are now, and why, where we are going, we must first discover where we have been. This Training and Student Intensive will focus first on taking a look at Ashtanga Yoga, looking at the history and lineage and dissecting in detail the foundations and roots of that system. Dissecting both the primary and second series sequences so that we may understand the intentions, philosophy and sequencing. We then investigate series that evolved from these practices through 3 set sequences and a system of practice. We will learn about the teachers who modified these series, their intentions, and how they remixed the system of ashtanga vinyasa. These practices will be challenging for the student and teacher but are always shared in a way that encourages accessibility. The practices include modifications to all poses so that the beginner as well as an advanced student can be challenged safely in the same space. It’s not about nailing fancy transitions and poses, those are only tools. These tools are used to cultivate a deeper awareness and connection, to the self and the present moment to moment experience. Finally combining what we have learned about The ROOTS we REFLECT. What works for you? How can you challenge yourself intelligently. How can you deepen the sensitivity and connection to self? How do you find your FLOW STATE? This is the REVOLUTION that leads to the discovery and connection to what is YOUR Inner Teacher Flow.

This training can be modified to be either 30 or 40 hours. We will cover the primary and second series of Ashtanga Yoga in depth as well as Flow 1 (Foundation Power Flow) and Flow 2 & 3 (Advanced Power Flow-2hr practice). Which are based upon set sequence system practices. We will also look at creative and new approaches to creating “themes” based in modern biomechanics within the Ashtanga and Inner Teacher Sequences to create intelligent, balanced flow sequences. You will also receive a manual containing course material and sequences to aid you in your personal practice and teaching path.


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