May 13, 2014


Wow, what a crazy whirlwind the last few months have been. This #365dayyogachallenge is bringing me to places I never expected. In the past few months I have spent my time doing alot of home practice, teaching, traveling and more. It has been pretty hectic some days to fit my personal practice in, but I always feel great when I do. What I would really like to update and share with you is the journey I have been on along with my Mother and Grandmother Since February.
It all began On January 6, 2014. Our Cousin Andi Lambert posted a photo on facebook with the caption:

“So cancer is back, and I say eff off! I cut my hair and am ready for battle! I start chemo tomorrow! Bring it bitches game on! Never forget the Andi factor as I told my docs!”


Although my heart ached for Andi and her family looking to the long road ahead I also instantly felt something else reading her words. I felt pride- to know her, and I also felt completely inspired as a woman, wife, and mother. To see her stand there beautiful, strong, with a huge smile on her face full of vivacious energy; it is difficult to put into words how empowering it was. I wanted to do something to reach out and help, and as we all usually do said “I wish there was something I could do to help”

A few days later my mother Sherry Guenette called me who had also seen Andi’s post and also felt the urge to lend a hand in some way. She had a plan of action! She asked me what I thought about perhaps doing a fundraiser for Cancer research and SHAVING OUR HEADS! “Let’s do it”, was my response. After a little bit of discussion and coaxing my super brave and courageous 74 year old Grandmother Barb Lambert was on board.

After some organizing, planning and registering with the Alberta Cancer Foundation (mainly by my sister Nicole without whom we couldn’t have done this fundraiser) we were off and running on January 28! Getting the word out through email, facebook, local media and word of mouth. We set a goal of $15,000 and through donations and karma yoga classes and workshops we reached that goal by April 7! Taking a cue from Andi, we didn’t give up and kept right on going! On May 10 at the fundraiser Head shave our total funds raised came to $25,550.81, exceeding our original goal by over $10,000.00. and the numbers continue to rise! I am overwhelmingly proud of the work this amazing community has accomplished together. This money will be donated to cancer research which means so much to every one of us, because cancer affects us all and doesn’t discriminate.

I think the greatest lesson I have learned from this experience is that we can all DO SOMETHING. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars or a huge fundraiser either. We can all stand together and help. Whether it be donating your time or talents to a cause, volunteering at an event, or just reaching out and holding someone’s hand we are all capable. Doing this fundraiser is actually one of the easiest tasks I have ever undertaken. Not because it didn’t take time, effort or sacrifice, but because it was so worth every second of all those things. Now when people ask me what my favorite yoga practice is I can wholeheartedly answer without hesitation KARMA.


To find out more about DO SOMETHING visit:

Photography by Dez Iles





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