An Ode to Whitecourt
October 13, 2017

I started this Blog the week i moved to Edmonton, and well, LIFE. I have been here since June, and now I can finish it with even more clarity…..

June 25, 2017

Well, its happening, this is the week that I pack up my family and head to make a new start in Edmonton.  As we transition into this new phase, I also look fondly back upon my life here.  I was born in this beautiful little town, was very blessed to grow up here, and return to start and raise my family with my Husband Tom.

Its been a privilege to be a part of this community and watch it evolve and grow.  There are so many uniquely Whitecourt things that I will cherish for always but here are my top 5 (I’ll probably miss a few so feel free to comment and add your own)

5. The Town of Whitecourt

Yes I know this post is about Whitecourt “The Town” but number 5 on this list is about the people responsible for running the Town.  My Father was involved with local politics for many years as a town councillor, I remember going to meetings and watching the process unfold.  What I will say about this small town specifically is that I have felt truly fortunate to be a part of this community,  especially in the last 10 years.  watching the Allan and Jean Millar Centre be built and the community here blossom has been astounding.  The Millar Centre opened following my attendance of my 200 hour Yoga teacher training, and was one of the first places I taught yoga. If you open a community spectrum you wouldn’t believe the variety of programs running and the new programming that is consistently being created and offered.  Most especially, the staff, consistently kind, friendly and supportive.  I am also so thankful for the support they have given both myself and yoga in Whitecourt over the past decade.

(Run 4 Fun Event that Isabella, Tom and I participated in at the beginning of June 2017. Can you spot Issie?)

4. The Great Outdoors

I feel like could go on forever with this one but if you love to be outside Whitecourt is a beautiful place to be. The Forest Capital of Canada offers so many beautiful opportunities to get outside. I have loved exploring Centennial Park with my Family, Playing in the numerous playgrounds and of course Rotary Park.  Hard Luck Canyon offers beautiful views, and is a great place to have a picnic. It’s so easy to be active here, the community is designed for it! There are so many places to explore.

Hard Luck Canyon Yoga

3. Only in Whitecourt

I will miss the things that are essentially Whitecourt. things or places you can talk about that people from this town instantly identify with.  Mountain Pizza, Vista Theatre, Tubing Down the River, BPs, The traffic circle (yes only one, and I will also miss the bitching and moaning about said traffic circle), The Crown, Campfires in the back yard, parties in the Garage, and thats only a few.

(Our first Home in Whitecourt where legendary garage parties were held)


2. My Kid’s Friendships

This is one of the reasons leaving is so hard.  My girls have loved growing up here.  I am especially grateful to the teachers and students at Pat Hardy Preschool, and Primary School.  I think this will be one of the hardest things to leave behind, and impossible to replace. The kids on our block have been so very special and important to us. We will miss Them so much, I realize now how lucky we are to be able to send the kids out to play in the front yard with a gaggle of kids!  The kids at school we love so much, Issie always had tons of little friends, this year Molly found such special little buddies in play school. ( Nicole, Leah)  I also have been so blessed to develop very close friendships with the moms of many of these little friends. Most recently I have been in awe of the willingness of the people here to lend a hand with the move.  Taking the kids to play while we pack (Nicole, Tanya, Hayley, Auntie Kelly, Auntie Sue), cleaning cupboards (Tanya), bringing coffee, making dinners (Kathy), are all things that people did for us as we prepared to move. They may seem like little things but truly they meant so much. I am so deeply and abundantly grateful for the children my kids have grown up with.  Although they will go on to make new friends these first friendships are so very special and will always be cherished.

October 13, 2017

1. The People

The People, I have been beyond grateful for the relationships that I have been able to build and nurture since moving to Edmonton.  However, I will never forget, stop loving, or fail to recognize how very wonderful the PEOPLE of my hometown are.  I miss the faces of my family (Grandma and Papas House at lunch), friends and yoga community daily. There are so many moments that will NEVER be forgotten, in fact to many to list. One person specifically is my neighbour Hayley. Our kids became like sisters the past 3 years and we in turn did as well.  There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t miss opening my door to see her or one of the kids standing there. I miss the bullshitting at 6 AM on a run or practicing Yoga in my basement. I miss the shenanigans (mostly NSFW) I miss the very patient community of friends that still included my hot mess of an ass in activities even when I couldn’t make it 90% of the time. I miss my Yogi community that was there sharing the path since the beginning, and the space that felt like home.   REALLY REALLY miss the basement Rocket Yogis that would show up at my house at 6:00 AM.While I NEVER thought I would say this, I miss running into random people at the grocery store, knowing their names and chatting about life.  YEG I love so many things about you, and I am so grateful for the Home you have become, Whitecourt and people of Whitecourt you will always feel like coming home in my heart. SEE YOU SOON.