July 26, 2016

Welcome to my new website and blog. It is my intention to use this space to share adventures, inspirations, information, community, education, and much more.  Upcoming are new blogs, photos, videos and events.  I’ll also be sharing and linking to the many projects in the works with Empowered Yoga. My aim in creating this space was […]

Looking forward to bringing you some anatomy features with Michele Theoret, Empowered Yoga and Myself.  This video lays out the shoulder checking technique we use  at Empowered Yoga when breaking down Sun Salutations and MUCH MORE.  The great thing about applying the techniques in these basic practices and postures is that when we move toward […]

July 25, 2016

  Have you ever felt like all you say is yes?  Yes to all the invitations, the events, the playdates, the work commitments. Have you ever felt smothered by the amount of items on your to do list? If your answer was “YES” to all of the above, you may just be addicted to answering […]